Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jaida Dreyer caught her mommy in flagranti

Earlier this year I stumbled upon the music of Jaida Dreyer. A single - (unfortunately) with no chart success - had me listening closer. "Half Broke Horses" had me in awe and her debut album produced by Byron Gallimore, released on Streamsound Records "I'm Jaida Dreyer," even though partly overproduced, had me spin the disc several times. That girl can pen a song and can closely be associated with the new breed of women's songwriter with intelligent material like Kacey Musgrave or Brandy Clark.

Researching the young lady from Canada (who partly grew up in the United States) I stumbled upon a quite cool version of the old Christmas standard "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." Why can they produce twangy, cool sounding Christmas singles like this, but then they (Nashville) release generic, boring stuff during the year? Judge for yourself - this little ditty has me dancing in no-snow. But what do you expect, in mostly balmy Texas through all of December?

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  1. Mike, nice articles! The motel is still here waiting for its new home.